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colourful plants laptop skin

TenStickers. colourful plants laptop skin. Colourful laptop stickers and attractive plant laptop stickers: trendy and cheerful laptop stickers and purple laptop decoration sticker for more fun!

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
A unique and spontaneous and colourful laptop stickers in the theme of plants and flowers with cheerful purple colours on the background. The attractive plant laptop stickers or better named the cheerful laptop sticker is made with the items of palm tree leaves in the colors white and palm leaves in the colors purple in front of the cool dark gray background. Purple laptop decoration sticker will make learning fun!
You can adjust the laptop sticker flowers to the right size that overcomes with your computer or laptop. Choose your format easily on our website design tool! The plants laptop decoration is of high quality, this is due to the quality sticker materials that we use in our production. The stickers stay longer and last longer to enjoy on the wall!

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Reference: A14363


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