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Kids WC glass door sticker

TenStickers. Kids WC glass door sticker. A  toilet door sticker for kids that is design with the animated image of a little boy and a girl. This design can be used at home or public services.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Send the kids to the toilet and bathroom with this design of our product. This kids bathroom door sticker is created with the the animation of a boy and a girl to indicate children are for usage. This design can be fun for the kids and helpful. This design can of kid signage for toilet door decal can be applied in the home or in public business places where this service is offered. This design is created from the best quality material that is very adhesive, does not form air bubbles or wrinkles. This design can be cut and displayed in any way that best suite you. You can also chose the size you prefer.

Information about Kids WC glass door sticker

Reference: A18150


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