Wooden Fence Heaboard Wall sticker for Bedroom

TenStickers. Wooden Fence Headboard Home Wall Sticker. Make your bedroom that little bit more rustic, homely and personal with this beautiful wooden fence headboard sticker. Choose from a range of sizes!

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Give any room in your home a rustic, homely feel with this awesome set of colourful wooden fencing home decor wall stickers. Give any bed the headboard it deserves and turn it from a lifeless room only for sleeping in into a real bedroom that truly reflects you as a person. this product depicts a row of wooden slats all different blue ash colors with a wooden texture. This excellent quality headboard sticker is easily applied to any smooth surface or wall without bubbles or wrinkles and no fear of tearing or peeling. what's more, if you get bored of this sticker. you'll be happy to know that it's is easily removable leaving no marks or damage behind.


Information about Wooden Fence Headboard Home Wall Sticker

Reference: A13945

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